five things, august 16


1. I think  we're having the most crazytown weather right now. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely. Highs of 79º in mid-August? it's not feeling back-to-school like, it's feeling-first-report-card-of-the-year like. Now, for sure it's lovely. It's such a lovely surprise to open the door to let the dogs out and feel that crisp tinge to the air, but it's just weird too. I live in the land of oppressive heat, hazy days and lowering skies. It's lovely, but it's also not supposed to feel quite like this.

2. I think  I'm a little nervous about our first meeting with the personal trainer today. Excited, for sure, but nervous too. I hear there's a test. I'll keep you posted. Maybe.

3. I think  we had a lovely time last night at the reception for the Educator's Show at MOCA last night. I have talked before about how much more meaningful this show was for me that the one I'd participated in before, and it was really lovely to be there with my family and to have my dad along too. We're really hoping that the food photography course will "make" this go around, and it's thrilling to see my photos hanging like fine art food photography in the halls of a respected gallery. It's giving me a push to create more and learn more and try to expand my skills even more. That's not a bad push to have, I guess, right?

4. I think  it's crazy how the start of school still feels like a new year to me, even now. Is it because I have a school-aged child myself? I don't know. I'm not quite ready for summer to end, but I definitely feel my mind shifting gears organizationally. Clearing cobwebs and making plans. Does September do that to you, too?

5. I think  we're having a great time with my dad this week. It's a wonderful way to wind up summer. Lots of running around and lots of celebrating and lots of good food. He's here through the first part of the weekend, so we'll keep it up a bit longer too. And if I've seemed scarce, that's why.