five things, april 5 edition

Dutch Baby.jpg

1. I think I'm so excited to share that a photograph of mine has been included in an article on mid-century aarchitecture in a publication called Inform! The article highlights my friend Bill's work and uses one of his beautiful homes as an example, and I couldn't be more thrilled for him!

2. I think my friend Theresa wrote a wonderful and vulnerable post about blogging this week. Most of you have already seen it and I found the comments section just as thoughtful and moving as the post itself. We all go through these moments of self-doubt and self-reflection about why we're in these spaces, and Theresa captures those moments so beautifully. I'm glad she's here! I'm glad you all are! I'm committing to be a better steward of our relationships and my own space here. (Having trouble linking to Theresa's site right now, but as soon as I can get it up here, I will.)

3. I think I'll just have to say there's no shame in saying out loud that I adore diamonds. There. I said it. They are my birthstone, and I have always loved their clear bright fire. Neel and I just had some old diamonds of mine repurposed into some simple earrings and we finally picked them up this week. There's a lot of sentimental allure to these particular stones for me, and I'm so happy to have them.

4. I think I'm so happy my mom is here! She and her friend Mike arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for Callum's game. We stood in the chilly 40º weather as our boys scored some runs and got out in front of this other team. Callum finally made it up to bat (he's one of the less experienced kids on the team, so while it happens every game, it doesn't happen often in every game) and got a walk-off hit to end the game! On the way home he told us he'd scored 100 on a pop quiz in math! What a day! That night at dinner he said that getting that 100 felt as good as getting that hit. I'm totally emailing his math teacher and telling him that today. And my mom was here for it all.

5. I think this is why I take pictures of food. Yesterday, after popping up a picture on facebook of the ham and bean soup I made using our leftover Easter ham, my friend Jan left me this note: Hambone soup. My sister in law Florence who passed away in December looked forward to a ham just for the leftover bone and she made the best soup with it!! Thanks for sharing this photo. It made me remember that the little things are the best way to remember someone. For me, food is all about connection and intimacy, and I try to capture that when I take pictures of food. This comment was honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about one of my photographs. It says it all, doesn't it?

On our way to a great weekend! I'm the lucky loan-ee of a 40mm pancake lens thanks to a friend in my photography group, so you can bet I'll be trying that puppy out. Baseball game on Saturday on the exotic Eastern Shore (now hopefully arson free!), and lots of time with my mom and Mike. What are you up to my lovelies? Anything thing fun planned? Oh, and I still hate all my clothes. Given the fact that it was SLEETING by the end of Cal's game, I perhaps hate them even more now.