bittersweet {still + life}


Hi guys! Just popping on real quick with today's photo of the day. It's of my dad and Cal, right before Cal left for school (bedhead) and my dad headed out on his drive home. It's bittersweet because while we always hate to see Alfie go, we're turning around the B and B in just a couple of days for my mom and her friend Mike to arrive on Thursday. I have a few jobs in between here and then, so we're busy bees. Not sure when I'll get back here, but Friday for sure. Is it spring yet? Yesterday was gorge, but today? Chilly again. Thanks to Annie, I have Neil Young on in the studio, alternating with the Midnight in Paris soundtrack. And also, Boz Scaggs has a new album out. Music gets us through, yes?

Back soon, peeps. XOXO