weekend recap, april 8 edition

Weekend Recap 4_8 copy.jpg

1. school | 2. the pit is not the pits | 3. recognize that signature? | 4. neel's favorite glass | 5. catch | 6. campari & blood orange | 7.- 9. front porch loving for Violet | 10. game time | 11. Chesapeake Bay | 12. another view | 13. Neel's lab | 14. Neel's office | 15. rocket man | 16. gargoyle | 17. leafed out | 18. tulip time | 19. Callum is taller than Ama | 20. new shoes, check out those big feet! | 21. practicing pitching | 22. our gorgeous front yard | 23. dinner | of COURSE Ama made pie

So what do you guys do when company comes? Drag them to two baseball games in 40º temperatures (one where it's sleeting) and an emergency orthodontist appointment? Cause that's the kind of fun we have around here. Don't I just know how to show people a good time? Seriously. Can I host or what? Cal had this funky wire pop out of his braces on Friday morning (parenting side note: why do these things always happen on a Friday?), so I made a quick call to the ortho. Of course he had two big tests that day, so we had to squeeze his appointment in between them. And of course the office we normally go to is closed on Fridays so we had to go to a different office about 5 million miles away from where we normally see the ortho. Of course. AND. When I picked him up he told me that his baseball team was taking a field trip at practice that afternoon that he very much wanted to be part of, so of course we had to hurry in both directions. Of course.

We made it. After we got him back in time for practice ("But not too soon, Momma, because I really don't want to go back to class..."), I took my mom and Mike on a tour of Cal's school. I might finally be learning my way around. Nearly three years in.

It's finally warming up here, so lots of catch was played in the yard this weekend. In between the two baseball games. Our Saturday game was on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, about an hour's beautiful drive from us. Thank God we won because A) I had a migraine and B) it was (as previously mentioned) 40º so otherwise I'm not sure it would have been worth it otherwise.

On Sunday, Ama got Callum new shoes (that's the thing she does when she comes, and he actually love the first pair he tried on), Neel gave a tour of his garden. His lab and office are all wrapped up for HVAC upgrades, so not open for tours, and afer hours more of pitching and catching in the yard (thank God Mike actually likes to throw the ball!), we had Neel's famous Beer Butt Chicken for dinner and Ama's now-famous Chess Pie for dessert. Guess what? More throwing of baseballs might have happened after that.

How was your weekend peeps? I'm worn out! Back to back company, no matter how lovely, can do that to a gal. I have a busy and fun week coming up and I'd better get cracking on it. What's going on?