weekend recap, april 1

Weekend Recap 4_1.jpg

1. Friday sunset | 2. Strawberry daiquiri, for Cal. | 3. Dinner tradition | 4. Spring springing | 5. Train day | 6. Weekend reading for a potential new project | 7. Menu @ Chow | 8. Beer sampler | 9. Clams | 10. Pennsylvania-bottled Gin | 11. Egg time | 12. Glitter | 13. Dye bath | 14. Easter sunrise | 15. Eggs | 16. Dutch Baby | 17. Neel's bloody | 18. Easter Dinner

It's been a funny weekend. Don't get me wrong, The four-day weekend is awesomesauce and it's always great having my dad here to visit, but on Friday I had a migraine that impacted the whole day. We went grocery store to get stuff for Easter dinner and I couldn't make decisions or commit to anything. Fuzzy headed and feeling crummy. Poor Neel had a 5:15 p.m. meeting Friday night (who does that?) and Callum was feeling overwrought with allergies. It was a funny day. Off. Saturday was better. Fun errands (train store!), spring training games, and dinner at Chow. We came home and dyed eggs. I always dread this, but it was surprisingly fun. Gin helps.

So Sunday. I made my first Dutch Baby, which was awesome. Totally in love and I can't wait to do it again. But that Dutch Baby. I just happened to grab the handle of my oven-proof pan right after it had been in my 450º oven. Not my best moment. I may have mentioned to my son a time or two that it hurt like a son of a bitch. There was some brief talk of going to the Emergency Room, but I shot that idea down pretty sharpish. What could they do for me, really, that I wasn't doing at home already? The pain has eased up, but I was hampered all day. Alfie (my dad) ended up making the lion's share of Easter dinner (even though he denies it), and let's face it, my mood was pretty poor.

Did you have a good weekend? If you celebrate Easter, was it spring-like and nice? Despite all of our my trials, it's been a great weekend though. Isn't it good when you can not be at your best and still have the best of times? That's what it's like when my dad visits. All good. We have one more day together, and we're going to enjoy it to the fullest. And then my mom and her friend Mike comes next weekend! Nothing but blue skies ahead.

Movies watched: four. Zero Dark Thirty, Midnight in Paris, Argo, Skyfall (I'm still gunning for Lincoln, but I'm meeting some resistance.)

Bloody Mary's tested and consumed: uh, 4ish?

Restaurants we've visited: five

Grocery trips: three

Baseball games watched: three, counting Callum's: four

Basketball games watched: bits and pieces of eight including one horrific broken leg which makes my burned hand look like a wax treatment at a spa day. Did you guys see that? Shudder.

Times we've listened to the Midnight in Paris soundtrack. Uh, not enough. Although I think Cal might disagree.