five things, march 29 edition


1. I think I can tell I'm ready for spring when I hate every single thing in my wardrobe.

2. I think one of the best things we did this week was surprise Callum by having Alfie (my dad) come up a day early. I was coming into the house behind him, so I missed the look on his face, but I could see the shock in the shape of Callum's body when he first saw Alfie standing in our living room. It was hard to do homework Wednesday night, but it was worth it.

3. I think that in all the significant things in a young man's life, there is little more significant than a relationship with a really good coach.

4. I think another lovely part of my week was spending a bit of it with my friend and fellow photographer Judith, who owns Fresh Look Photography. We had coffee and talked about life and photography and everything in between. She even interviewd me for her blog, which was weird and fun! Judith and I first met in an advanced photography class at the art center where she now teaches, and we're able to get together  each month with the photography group that has grown out of some of those classes. Meaningful collaboration can make such a difference. There's so much I need to learn and so much that I'm not good at. Our twice monthy group meeting, and the times that I get together with the others in the group, just one on one are so good for me. They energize me and lift me up. Being with Judith was like that. Even if all we did was talk about raising our kids and what our favorite lenses were!

5. I think we have a lovely weekend ahead. Callum is off today, and he's off Monday too. It's always so fun having my dad here, and let's face it, the days off won't hurt! It's bitterly cold (we nearly froze to death at Callum's baseball game last night), but Easter means spring, and all our limbs are stretching out, like those vines, reaching for the sun. However you celebrate, weather it be by egg-dye or solemn ceremony, please have a lovely weekend yourselves. XO

 Thank you all, for your kind comments on yesterday's post. I feel all sorts of good and hopeful things about our country these days, don't you?