five things, june 8th edition

Ama Shot2.jpg

photo credit to my mom

1. I think I can't believe we pulled it off.

2. I think this week ended up being a lot harder than I thought it would be. You all know I had a rough go of it earlier this week. My eyes are still gritty and tired from all the crying. It was a good lesson for Callum, I think, to see that it's okay to cry. I kept telling him, I'm okay, I promise.It feels good to do this, really. We've had a rough winter, and I needed to release it all somehow. I know Theresa wondered about our disappointments, and if they were simply mine, I'd share them. Because they belong to Cal, I feel that I can't really. Part of it certainly is having one set of his grandparents miss the festivities. Neel's father is really not well and may need surgery. That's another worry we're sitting with now. But kids are resilient, and he's doing well enough to take care of me (although he's sick again).

3. I think I can't be more grateful to my mom and dad for making this week happen. Full of laughter and sunlight and family. It meant the world to me.

4. I think Callum's graduation ceremony was really lovely. We got great seats (I was worried!), and I got some nice pictures (I'll have a post for you next week.). We had about an hour to kill before the ceremony started (that's how we got those great seats), and I was chatting with my mom, dad and Neel, and my eyes filled with tears. I grabbed my hanky, threw my sunglasses on and that was that. No more tears from then on out. I can't guarantee how the rest of the weekend will go.

5. I think I'm ready to relax. All of us are. Tonight we're hosting a small party for Cal, and tomorrow my dad heads out. We have baseball in the afternoon and we'll likely munch on leftovers. Sunday my mom heads out and it's back to life, back to reality. Just the three of us again. Isn't that an awesome picture? I love it.