Monday Mash Up, June 11

Monday Mash Up June 11.jpg

People, we are so freaking tired over here. Not. Even. Funny. Gah.

But it's good. It's all good. We had a great gathering here on Friday night. All our nearest and dearest. I'll write more about it in Cal's graduation post tomorrow, but I wore a maxi dress, even though I'm probably too short. What kind of shoes do you people wear with those things any way? I went with flats. Neel had the yard looking beautiful, and he must have asked me a dozen times what our neighbors thought of it. He's a good man. Callum wanted red velvet cake (that's my boy), so we got a small one of those and another, slightly bigger white cake for the non-red velvet eaters. Fried chicken and some sides; my boy was in heaven. We thought we'd be eating chicken for daaaaaaays, but it's already almost all gone. It was great having my mom and dad here, but my dad had to leave Saturday and he missed Cal's game. It was a great one, and I'll bore you with a season wrap up later this week too, probably. Let's just say, a great enough game to deserve a mid-afternoon ice cream. For all of us, of course.

Sunday, after my mom left, poor Neel took a benadryl. Can you see what happened to him? He went back to bed. We had plans to go downtown, but some friends called and invited us to the pool and that sounded like a much more inviting plan. Friday was really the first day of summer vacation, but really, it feels like it starts today. The official start. Cal already has a full week on deck. I have lots of plans too. Can't wait to tell you about them.

In the meantime, I'm looking for some inspiring reading. I know Tina and Theresa have recommended The Fire Starter Sessions, and weren't Annie and Chi reading something about productivity? And how's BYW 2.0 going anyway, you guys? I'm feeling totally left out, and as you know, that's one of my fears. Wink.