five things, june 15th edition


1. I think I'll spend the day here, recovering from the first week of summer vacation. Callum too. One week in, and he already needs a break.

2. I think you have to go and read this post my friend Noreen wrote about executive function. I'm going to be spending a lot of time helping my boy work on honing his own executive function skills (and I don't mean sitting in a big leather chair behind a huge desk with a pen holder and a competent administrative assistant...although he could totally use the competent administrative assistant). Noreen can explain it much better than I, but we'll need executive function to survive middle school. And life.

3. I think I'm beyond thrilled that our boys won their game on Wednesday so we have one more game (the championship!) to play on Saturday!

4. I think I've had a really nice week. Met some lovely people, and got to know some people a little better. Hard to ask for more than that. I can feel our circle getting larger and that feels good.

5. I think I'm already mentally preparing for our Big Family Meeting on Saturday. We have lots of exciting things to talk about and plan for this summer. It's going to be great. Is it summer where you are? What are you guys up to? Heck...what are you up to for the weekend?! xo