keyboard confessional {life}


I must have been inspired by Theresa'scocktail party a week or so ago, because I have a thing or two I want to say. Don't get all excited. It's not that thrilling. And in truth, you've heard a lot of it before. I've made no secret about the fact that this has been a long, cold lonely winter for me. Stresses have pressed against me, and I have not been the wife, friend or mother that I want to be. We all talk about how much to reveal in these spaces of ours, but for a whole host of reasons I'm not comfortable revealing much more than this here. The source of my stresses are important only to me (and maybe Neel!). They're mine, and I hope that you love and trust me enough to be, if not satisfied with such little information, at least understanding of my motivations.

It's summer now. I'm ready to make some changes. For my health-both mine and my family's, and for our happiness too. We'll have a family meeting this weekend and get Project Summer on the books. I have four goals for the summer, four things I want to work on, and at our meeting we'll work on our bucket list for these too-short weeks of sun and sand. So rather than crawl into my cave to lick my wounds, I'm going to try to spread my wings to fly high. I want all of you to come along with me. Oh, and I likely could use a pedicure too, hmmmm?