monday mash up, June 18

Monday Mash Up June 18.jpg

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to a new week! First, I have to get this out of the way. Our boys lost a heartbreaker in the championship game on Saturday. A heart-breaker. I'll spare you the details (Erin, I'll tweet you if you want.), but they held their heads up and played hard and it just didn't work out. Callum hates that it's over most of all. I do too.

It was, otherwise, a lovely weekend, however. If you follow me on Instagram, (or Twitter for that matter), you might have noticed that I cleaned out our refrigerator on Saturday morning. When we discovered that we had five different kinds of mustard (not to mention the two half-filled jars of sliced Spanish olives), Neel decided that he wanted German sausages for dinner. When we were in California, Neel's immediate mentor was German and we all developed a Christmas Eve tradition of German sausages dipped in different mustards along with a huge bowl of potato salad. It's been a long time since we've done that, but as soon as we moved here, we located a great German deli and restaurant. So Weisswurst, Bratwurst, spaetzle, the first beans from our garden and potato salad for Father's Day Eve dinner. Father's Day Eve? Who celebrates that? Apparently we do. 

Before dinner, we rode bikes with our neighbors up to the kickoff to a summer Saturday concert series that is put on at the university near our house. These concerts are awesome. I'll have a post about them later in the week, but let's just say that it was the perfect way to start off the weekend and the summer.

We did have our Family Planning Meeting, and I'll post about that too. I think we have a lot in store for us, including at least one trip on a plane for my kid, a fact which makes him very excited, and me as well!

Father's Day was, as it should be, Neel's choice. We went to Historic Jamestown. We're lucky to live in a part of the US that gives us easy access to so much of our nation's history. I took tons of pictures so guess what! There's a post coming about that too! Let me say something here about Father's Day. I am lucky in that I was raised my an amazing father (who was raised by an amazing father) and that I married a man who became an amazing father. Neel's dad is an amazing father who sacrificed a great deal for his family. His heart is huge. I am also surrounded by wonderful men every day who are great fathers. My neighbors are great fathers, my friends Mark and Fred are great fathers, Cal's coaches are great fathers and I have many many friends who are great fathers. How lucky am I? How lucky is my son to see a host of men who are role models for him simply by going about their day-to-day lives. I think Father's Day should take place more than once a year. Really, I do.

After Jamestown, we came home, and guess what. Rescued another dog who was wandering the neighborhood. Happy Endings all around. Cal has been in the mood to ride bikes lately and he's outgrown his old bike. We let him try my beach cruiser, and it fits. Fits well enough to rescue wandery doggies. It's so flat here, a beach cruiser is almost a must.

How was everybody's weekend? We never made it to the pool on Friday. Can you believe it was too cool here? So Callum and I went for a run together (how can something be both so miserable and so delightful at the same time?) and made our first farmer's market trip of the season. We jumped into our summer reading and did some Food Network watching. What a kid, I tell you. He wants to cook this summer. I can't wait. We'll get to the beach finally this week too. I can't wait for that either.