five things april 20th edition


1. I think I'm really looking forward to our very full weekend this weekend. I plan to kick it off by being in Level One Jammies (LOJ) by 7 p.m. tonight. Movies maybe? Or baseball game? Cal has his own baseball game in the middle of the day on Saturday and then we have an exciting trip to Lowe's (a home improvement store) planned. Woo-hoo. Dinner out Saturday night, and Callum's forensics tournament is all day on Sunday. Neel and I drop him off just after noon and don't go back until the awards ceremony around four. Yipes! And at some point I'll have to go to the grocery store.

2. I think I miss having dinner parties. We never really got into the groove of it here, although we did do it with some friends here and there. In California we did it all the time. I know I've bemoaned this before. How the having people over for dinner thing just didn't gel the same way here. We do a lot with our neighbors, but it tends to be more casual pot-lucky stuff. Mark's comment on yesterday's post made me think that this is the first place I've lived in a long time where we haven't spent lots of days planning for our evenings when friends were coming for dinner. I miss it.

3. I think I'm totally digging quinoia. We made (the other) Lauren's recipe twice this week (Callum already claims he's tired of it...whatever!), and I couldn't be happier with this new addition to our diet. And have you seen her refrigerator? That's my goal. I'm not going to even try until next month to get close to this, but count me impressed.

4. I think yesterday was good at the start (school conference) rough in the middle (migraine due to a freaky weather change) but finished up pretty good in the end. I finally gave up on work for the day around 4. I caved. My head had pretty much stopped hurting at that point, but I was in a total fog and completely fatigued. Instead of trying to push through, I went with Neel to Callum's baseball practice and sat in a field of clover and watched a bunch of boys catch balls. Or not catch balls as was sometimes the case. It was fun. There was a cool breeze, but the sun was shining, and it was just what I needed.

5. I think I might want Callum's homeroom teacher and baseball coach to move in with us. Cal loves both of these men so much, and he responds to them so well. I respect them too, and frankly, I could use the help. We'd let them have the 3rd floor and they could play X-Box as long as Cal had all his work done. Sound good?

Happy Weekend, my lovelies! What's everybody up to?