Monday Mash Up, April 23

monday mash up 4_23.jpg

Happy Monday Peeps! Our weekend was as full as expected; how was yours? Callum had a great baseball game this weekend, highlighted by my first redneck sunburn. Woot! I got my face and the front of me covered in the sunscreen really good, but not the back of my neck. It feels like a learning curve every year, this whole spring time thing. Next week: sundress and hat. I'll be in better shape. After the game we went to Lowes only to discover that they don't make the glider and chair that I wanted for our front yard anymore. That's a huge bummer. I'll need to do some research to see if I can find them somewhere else. Then Neel and Callum went to the train store. I made it about ten minutes before heading back to the car to read a magazine! I like the train stuff once it's in my house and my boys are putting it together, but the train store is not so much my thing. I don't make them buy lipstick with me, so I figure it's fair.

We went to dinner Saturday night. First let me mention my gin and tonic. You'll note the photo. That's the gin. The tonic is in the bottle behind! Impressive, yes? I knew I had to post that shot for Leah, and that many of you would appreciate it. When I first had a gin and tonic at this restaurant, I thought, "Oh! Nice pour!" When our server set my drink down in front of me. Aaaaaand then he added the tonic. Ah yes. That was nice. And bacon lolly pops too.

Yesterday was the forensics tournament. Noreen asked in the comments on Friday if the parents got to watch, and we didn't. We drop the kids off at 12:30 p.m. and come back for the awards ceremony. Sadly, Sunday was not the day for our boy. Just before three, I got an email from Cal that said, "Hi! Waiting for callbacks. I think it went well." We emailed back and forth a bit until finally at 3:30 he wrote, "No callbacks for me." Heartbreaking. We met up at the awards ceremony, and I saw lots of friends from our old school which was just lovely. And let me say this. We try really hard to teach our son about fair play and sportsmanship. He was a good sport, and supported his teammates even though he didn't win. His school came in second over all, which was awesome. However. When the host school wins first place in five of the eight categories and places in seven of the eight, well, that feels a little suspect to us. We waited until we were in the car, but once safely inside, we didn't keep our mouths shut. (In fact, it was a little tricky to keep Neel's mouth shut during the awards ceremony. He was keeping stats on his program.) The fact that Cal's old school, which generally does a tremendous job in this competition, only had one winner, is mind-boggling to me. So while we generally don't disagree with refs or upms or judges; in this case we did and it felt great. Made Cal feel better too, and that's all that matters to me.

Also, apparently today is my birthday. Who knew? In some years, my birthday is met with much anticipation, and in other years, like this year, well, as I said to a friend last week, it may as well be January it feels so un-like my birthday. Another friend of mine has a theory that off years (the non 0s or 5s) feel like that, but last year was an off year, and we did more. I'm not bothered by it. Just kind of interested. But! I'm getting a facial in the morning and having lunch with a girlfriend. We had a nice dinner out on Saturday night, and we'll do something easy for dinner, although there will be prosecco. There will be presents too. I always save my presents until the end of the day. It's not hard for me at all. Can you do it? Not sure if I'll be here on Tuesday. I might just let the good times roll.

Love you, ducks! How was everybody's weekend? xoxo