we had some wine {life}


I mentioned that Neel and I went to a wine tasting on Saturday. Ah, yes. It was fun.


Our neighbor and friend Catherine's church puts on this event every year, and I think we've only missed a couple in the nearly nine years we've lived here. It's usually held in February, when the lure of six or seven pours of red wine makes you brave the cold and icy weather. The company isn't bad either.


Catherine's dad hosts the event and he's witty and charming...and bossy. He keeps us on task as we move from wine to wine. As you can imagine, the further we get down the list, the more difficult a task this becomes!

wine and food.jpg

The first year we went, there was bread and cheese on each table as palate cleansers. And one year, someone had the brilliant idea to bring other food. Each table now is a feast of delights. Catherine brought spinach dip and olive oil and dipping herbs to go along with the bread. We brought proscuitto-wrapped dates, and a reuben dip. My friend Candy recommended it, and let me tell you, it was the BOMB. Even if you're not a fan of the reuben, this dip is delish. Chicken salad, and pigs-in-a-blanket (can't wait to see who asks about those first!), and chocolate scattered about the table rounded out all of the yummies. It's good to have food when so much wine is flowing.


Each year, the church features a Virginia winery, and this year they went back to Veritas, a wine we'd had here before. Good choice.

late tasting.jpg

By the end of the evening, things can get a little silly, but you know? That's okay. The wine is good, the evening is good, and the company is good. That's the best isn't it? Spending an evening with good friends? Yeah, the wine is nice, but really it wouldn't matter if I didn't have a drop.