weekend recap, march 4 edition

1. Favorite stop of the week | 2. Stocking up | 3. River shot, week 6 | 4. Favorite lunch | 5. Visit with the Bread Lady | 6. Good practice | 7. New restaurant | 8. Nice cocktail | 9. Better burger | 10. Every weekend | 11. Stuff for me too! | 12. The new dog park? | 13. My granddad's drill bits | 14. Fence men | 16. Old/New game addiction | 17., 18. Spring will be here before we know it | 19. Cold, cold day | 20. Cubano bread and olives | 21. Pre-thank you Goodie Basket | 22. Dinner | 23. Patient doggies | 24. Pizza on the grill | 25. Why does it feel like we go here every weekend | 26. Little pick me up | 27. Favorite movie marathon

Shew-ee. Running late today. But, SPRING BREAK. We had a really nice weekend. I kicked off Friday at one of my favorite stops ever, indulging myself in a long chat with the fabulous ladies at Simply Selma's. I love it that they carry products from Santa Maria Novella and I can think about Annie and her love of them while I'm there. After that it was stocking up for our little getaway (hello, wine) and some shots for my 365 before picking Callum up from practice after school. My beaming boy made it past the first round of cuts for the school's baseball team, so that deserved a celebration dinner at a new local burger joint. We'd been wanting to try 80/20 Burger Bar for weeks now, but our last attempts were met with looooooong waits. We snuck in early and snagged a seat right away. Totally worth it. Yummy, upscale burgers, great cocktails and awesome atmosphere. We'll go back.

After a trip to the lumber store (surprise!) Neel and Callum worked on our back fence. Part of the reason Neel went with a DeWalt drill was to use the drill bits he inherited from my grandad and that makes me beyond happy. Seeing him and Callum working together on our yard made me happy too. Lucy, who couldn't go out while the fence was down, was less than happy! We're reinforcing our side fence, and we decided to paint it gray like the back fence. Neel has a great vision, and it's nice to see it coming together...even on cold winter days. We got Callum kitted out with new cleats and some new baseballs, and of course he had to try them out, despite the fact that it was 40º with a stiff wind (I sat in the car.). I will say this many times in the coming months, but I love baseball.

And after that it was grilling pizzas (yummy, but we're still working the kinks out), lunch Sunday at Callum's favorite restaurant (local wing joint...not a salad in sight) and a pick-me-up at the mall (where I snagged this in my quest for a facial refresher). We ended the evening with the second in our favorite movie series ever, Oceans 12. I swear Erin and I can quote these to each other ad nauseum, as can my family. God help us if we're ever all in a car together.

And now it's SPRING BREAK. Just in the nick of time. If I needed more proof that my kid was awesome (humblebrag), he suited up in blazer and tie this morning to spend the day shadowing a friend of ours who is a circuit court judge. And they made him leave his phone at the door. This is a travesty, given he just learned to play solitaire and reminded me how mind-numbingly addicting Free Cell can be. Harumph. Tomorrow we leave for a bit and SPL is going off line for the week. Thinks may look a bit wonky around here. Never fear. We'll be back up and running Friday with a full update.

Finally, thank you again and again for your wonderful comments, tweets, texts and emails about my workshop at the end of the month. I'm terrible at shameless self-promotion, so this is all very shymaking, but it really is a dream come true for me. Now we just need enough people to sign up for the class to be a go! Have a great week, my dears! XO