Five things, march 1 edition

1. I think I'm beyond thrilled to announce a Food Photography Workshop that I'll be co-teaching with my beloved friend and and teacher Jackie at the end of the month. If you're local and have any interest in food photography, we'll be teaching a full-day workshop at MOCA (where I took my first photography classes) in Virginia Beach. Lunch is included, as is a ton of valuable information and FUN. It's a dream come true of mine, to be able to do this, and I'm so excited to share the news with all of you.

2. I think I'm ready for these meds to kick in any minute now. I'm still coughing like I belong in the sanitarium, and last night my friend Marianne called me and said "Hi...oh." when I answered. Voiceless, pretty much. That's me. Some of us, ahem, might not be complaining. Well, I'm complaining. I'm irritable and whiny and complainy. Ready to feel my way to full health again.

3. I think it's time to stop complaining. Baseball has started up again, and that fact alone brings such joy to our house. Callum has had tryouts all week at school, and they'll continue after next week. It's his first time playing on a school team, and he's thrilled. He comes home excited each night, and that makes me excited.

4. I think I have a pleasant day planned for today. A meeting with some of my favorite ladies this morning, some fun shopping and a visit to my favorite baker this afternoon. And, what's that? It's Friday? Yes. I'm ready. What pleasantness do you lovely people have in store for the weekend? We'll hit a big box hardware store for sure, and I think a sporting goods store too. Surely there should be some diamond shopping mixed in there somewhere, yes?

5. I think it's time we got away for a bit. Next week is Callum's spring break and we've managed to snag a couple of days at the mountain where he and Neel had his fateful ski trip a few weeks ago. We all decided it was for the best that I come along just in case someone else gets dinged, and we were lucky enough to find a condo available for a night or two right on the mountain. One that allows dogs no less! Miss Violet has a yen to feel the snow crunch between her toes. I'm ready for the break and a different view and to breathe some fresh mountain air. Doesn't even matter that I don't ski. I think posting will be light here next week, although I'll be here Monday and likely Friday too, but other than that I think I'll focus on some rest and renewal. We could all use some around this time of year, don't you think?