around here {life}

That first picture is rather ominous, isn't it? I finally caved and went to the doctor. Well, I tried to go on Tuesday, but he was out of the office, so I snuck in on Wednesday and got some serious meds for this upper respiratory and sinus infection that I've been dealing with. Three weeks is too long, yes? I was sick this same time last year, similar symptoms although not nearly as long. I think the stomach thing threw us. Mainly I'm still fighting the fatigue. When we went to that oyster roast last Saturday it felt so remarkable to be out among people! I felt like I almost forgot how to act among the masses.

We're in that funny time of winter that's not quite winter any more and yet not quite spring. Callum's spring break is next week, and it certainly doesn't feel early enough to be spring. My snow hopes have mostly faded, although my guys are going to try to get one last ski in (third time's a charm?), and yet, I can feel winter hanging on. I'm okay with that. I don't feel impatient yet. Soon enough.

It's been a lousy winter here, what with our terrible news about Miss Violet (thankfully she's still going strong), Callum's ski accident and this pervasive illness. One thing after another. You'd think I'd be glad to see it go. And yet, I pick up my camera every day, marking time, and I notice how the light changes and our routines change too. Callum's back at baseball practice this week, hoping not to get cut. Neel's garden is creeping back to life and the days get ever longer. Time marches on, I suppose. That's the one thing you can count on.