Mantle-1 So the great living room redo continues apace. Slowly, but still. It continues. I painted the fireplace wall, which had been a color called "tamarind" (It can be seen here.), and now it's PINK. I know, PINK! It's almost barely pink, and I love it. Actually everyone does. I'm so glad I went with my instincts and just did it. The room already feels lighter and brighter.

Cabinet-1 Finally, finally, we're I'm starting to tackle painting the trim. Of course the dentil moulding is taking three coats. Of course it is. But, oh good grief, it looks so much better. I can't believe we waited so long. So the windows are done, the baseboards almost, and the dentil...Well, we're working on it.

Next up, furniture. I'm not sure I'm going to manage Mark's $500 limit (we have to reupholster a sofa and need at least one new chair), but I'll try.