brushcetta for Debbie

Bruschetta-3 We had dinner with some friends a couple of weekend ago, and my friend Debbie (Cate) brought bruschetta for an appetizer. Fortunately she brought a lot, because after the grown-ups were through, my son demolished the rest of the bounty. He's funny like that. Gets focused, on anything thing really, but food-focused for sure, and can't unfocus. It's hard to unfocus on bruschetta. I'll give him that.

Bruschetta-2 It reminded me that we used to (back in the day) have bruschetta for dinner quite often. Time to put it back into rotation. We followed Debbie's (Cate)  lead and had tomato bruschetta, but I'd also found another recipe I'd wanted to try.

Lemon Thyme Ricotta Bruschetta...I got the recipe here, and didn't deviate one bit. Hello, yum. I liked it better than the rest of my family, but they'll have to deal. It goes into the rotation too.