Last 12 Months - 4554 Our kitchen project is finally nearing completion (I know! Can you believe it?). There have been several milestones that I've failed to document here, and one of those important ones was the backsplash. I plan on writing a post on how it all began... once we've reached completion, but a new backsplash was a big part of it. Once the counters were in, Neel took a class and tackled the tiling. He learned pretty quickly that there's a difference between tiling horizontally (like they did in the class) and vertically (like on our wall), but he managed it. He sees all the imperfections, but I think it's beautiful.

Last 12 Months - 4556 I helped with the grouting and even that was harder than it looks on the DIY network!

Last 12 Months - 4692 Imperfections or not, I think it's beautiful.

Last 12 Months - 4852 Even better than I expected, and how often does that happen?