what we did

IMG_1477 We drove up the Eastern Shore of Virginia for Father's Day. The original plan was to head to the battlefield at Yorktown, but with temperatures in the upper 90s, traipsing around a battlefield didn't seem like the most fun we could have. So we opted to explore the strip of land between the waters; it's a part of our area that we haven't spend nearly enough time in.


IMG_1475 We stopped at an historic inn for lunch...when we saw all the elderly people walking in, we knew we were onto something good. Callum had no trouble finishing off both of our cups of crab and corn soup. My BLT with "shore tomatoes" was delish.

IMG_1499 After lunch, we drove on to a winery. There are three vineyards on the shore (Virginia, at least), and we'd like to hit all three. We started here, at Chatham Vineyards.

IMG_1496 I love the juxtaposition between the old, old house,

IMG_1486 with the high-tech work that goes on next door. That's the press, there in the back.

IMG_1483 Some low-tech work too...I love a process like winemaking which continues apace...centuries old traditions tweaked but not forsaken.

IMG_1487 The tasting was delightful, from two chardonnays (one aged in oak barrels, one in steel), to a surprisingly refreshing rose' right through to the dessert wine. (Although I think Neel and I both would have appreciated a slightly bigger pour...)

IMG_1490 Guard dog.

IMG_1493 Very menacing.


IMG_1501 From the concrete and steel of production to the rows of grape vines, full to bursting, this was a very nice day.