maybe Martha had it right after all


IMG_1397 In the summer issue of Everyday Food, Martha has an article on burgers. Did you see it? The last few issues have had some good stuff in them. I tend not to be a skeptic, but when I saw the recipe for Aussie Burgers, I had to go to the source to see if it was authentic. Turns out, Martha was spot on. Of course we had to try them.

IMG_1343 A quintessential Aussie dinner calls for quintessential American side dishes, so I made Julia Child's potato salad.

IMG_1355 We're in the south, so of course I use Duke's (the secret of southern cooks).

IMG_1363 Bad light, good salad.


IMG_1378 So we gathered on Friday to test this delicacy. Of course there was Bundy and Lime...

IMG_1434 The grilling began, and things look pretty familiar up to this point.

IMG_1432 Just add eggs. Hmmm.

IMG_1443 Here's the assembly line where things get really crazy.

IMG_1451 In order, from bottom to top: bun, burger, cheese (so it melts), tomato, lettuce, pineapple, beets (Yes, beets. Or beetroot, as they insisted on calling it.)

IMG_1448 BBQ sauce and/or ketchup on top, and presto! An Aussie burger, you've got. 

IMG_1447 They were tall and drippy and gorgeous and wonderful. That perfect combination of salty and sweet. These guys are definitely on to something here. We might need to have them again...soon.