weekend wonderland

IMG_9709 Oh, hearts beating with unadulterated joy. This is what we woke up to Saturday morning. What a dream! A dream snow fall. The excitement started on Friday as the predictions rolled in. Everywhere there was a sense of anticipation and giddiness. Neel and I went to dinner at our favorite, pre-storm restaurant, just to keep the momentum going. By the time we all tucked into bed, nothing.

I woke up around 1-2 a.m. and still nothing.

IMG_9802 At four, when I looked out again, the rooftops were covered. We managed to stay in bed until seven, but after that I couldn't wait for Callum to finally see it. This poor Southern Californian boy yearns for snow and doesn't get enough of it here.

IMG_9818 The view out the windows was stunning.

IMG_9794 Even with the snow beating down, everyone came outside.

IMG_9772 There were sleds to be pulled and snowballs to be thrown. (Although the real snowball fight came Sunday until someone -no names mentioned- threw a snowball at his dad and cut his eyelid. The dad had to be taken to the ER for five stitches, and even though it was a total accident and didn't happen to my family, all the moms were probably thinking, "It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out.") 

IMG_9757 It snowed all day. A real event around these parts. Neel brought in so much firewood that we had to pile it on the floor.

IMG_9826 I snuggled up in a cozy spot, while Callum was out, out, out. Only coming in to change out his three layers of socks. Weekend wonderland.