IMG_9378 Well, this photography class is kicking my butt. Switching my camera to "M" has made my brain go fuzzy and panicky. And I don't even care how ridiculous we all look out there, taking pictures of the grass.

IMG_9369 This was the very first picture I took after making the switch.  Not reassuring, huh?

IMG_9400 But, oh so slowly, I might be figuring things out... just a little. This photo was on our first day too. When we focused (ha! get it?!) on shutter speed and aperture. 

IMG_9497 I feel a little like I'm back in algebra, where I need to master one skill before moving on to the next...and I still haven't mastered multiplication! For the next class, we worked on Depth of Field...and she made us break out the telephoto! Yikes. So here's an example of a deep (?) Depth of Field. The object up front is blurry, while the branches in back come into focus. Not a successful picture, necessarily, but a successful experiment.

IMG_9490 And the way it should in front, blurry in back. Now, I'm getting somewhere. Maybe.