sled adventure

IMG_9837 On Sunday we woke to a full moon shining down on our land of white. You can see it peeking behind the trees.

IMG_9863 Even with the temperatures still bitterly cold, the sun was shining, and Callum couldn't wait to get outside. First he tried out a neighbor's cross-country skis. Then we all decided to go sledding.

IMG_9890 The Tidewater of Virginia is a flat land. The best hills we could find were at the golf course down the street.

IMG_9916 We made the trek on foot, a gaggle of adults and giddy kids. All the grownups speculated about the prospect of school the next day. I think we were thinking about it more than the kids. Our neighbor Paul, who's stationed here with the Australian Navy laughed, saying he's been in the Navy for nineteen years and never missed a day for weather. He's been here six months and missed five. Virginia will do that to you.

IMG_9915 As soon as we got there, the bigger boys and one dad went off exploring. Those lone figures in the distance.

IMG_9891 The rest of us and the little kids were ready to hit the hills.

IMG_9963 The Tidewater of Virginia is a warm land. Most came equipped with boogie boards.



IMG_9900 We have the real deal though. Neel couldn't wait to break out the Flexible Flier.

IMG_9953 Not the best snow for the Flexible Flier. He moved on.

IMG_9951 This was extreme sledding at its best. With a fast run and a creek at the bottom of the hill, the grownups had to stay at the bottom to "catch."

IMG_0002 The kids caught air.

IMG_9945 And sometimes couldn't catch a break.

IMG_9962 But mostly what we all caught was delight.