work day

IMG_5115 We all worked hard around here today.  I don't have any pictures of Callum finishing this book in anticipation of the arrival of this book on our doorstep this afternoon, and now he's off doing the hard work that nine year olds do in the summer:  at the pool with his friends.

My work is on that lap top (thanks Dad and Happy Birthday!) and those papers spread about, but there have been people working much harder all around me.

IMG_5113 Here's the hole where our old, electric, ceramic top stove used to go.

IMG_5117 And here are some of the new stove men! 

IMG_5118 I love the new stove men!  They were here all day, troubleshooting and figuring things out.  They're just doing their jobs, making sure that our house doesn't explode when they run the gas line.

IMG_5121 I'm trying hard to avoid the old cliches, but they could have no idea how important it was for me to be cooking on a gas stove again.