beach day, busted

IMG_5018 When we got to the beach yesterday, it looked like this.  Time to punt. 

IMG_5053 Fortunately we were near Catherine's parents' house, and they were generous enough to allow four chilly rug-rats and their equally chilly moms to come and hang out.

IMG_5048 I love this place.  It's where Catherine grew up, and I learned yesterday that her mom grew up here too.  Callum and I'd come once before, before Catherine's son Elliot was born, and we've been trying to get back ever since!  See the doggies welcoming us?

IMG_5052 The pool, of course is a big draw, with everything from a slide to a diving board and lots of toys, but it's the setting that makes this place such an oasis. 

IMG_5058 The gardens wind around the house, down to the water.

IMG_5061 Secret paths lead to secret spots.

IMG_5054 That hidden bench is at a neighbors, but it looks like a place you could sit for a spot of shady rest, doesn't it?

IMG_5062 The weather was chilly and gray, but the sound of our kids' laughter was bright... although that might have been the chattering teeth, I'm not quite sure.