we had grilled cheese

IMG_5123 Ever since we knew the stove was going to be installed this week, I'd been racking my brain for ideas for what to make for our first meal on it.  My dad had tons of great suggestions like Beanie-Weenies or Spam.  Neel wanted pork chops.  Callum always wants fish.  My mind just couldn't settle on anything.   I think I was was daunted.  And overwhelmed.  It doesn't take much.  It looked, at one point that this might be a two day job, and I felt the barest hint of relief.  Off the hook.  No need to produce some fancy-schmancy meal with all the bells and whistles that first night at least.  When it was clear that things would be in a midden in the kitchen most
of the day yesterday, Callum and I met Neel for Thai food for lunch and we ate our dang fool heads off.  So even though the guys finished up the job, still no dinner, right?  Again, I'm relieved.

IMG_5124 Not my family.  No matter how big his bowl of Noodle Soup, Neel can still eat dinner.  When he says, "We could make grilled cheese,"  I think, oh yeah, I can manage grilled cheese.  And I'm such a dork.  Because when I go to get out our little non-stick pan that we always make grilled cheese sandwiches in one at a time, and Neel says, "why don't you use the griddle?" I burst into tears.

IMG_5126 We celebrated with champagne and a DVRd episode of Top Chef Masters (I am really digging that show), and I am feeling pretty happy.