we gather

IMG_5384 There was a birthday to celebrate on SOBO last week, and we love nothing more than a good excuse for a gathering.

IMG_5387 We take these things kinda seriously.  The cocktails were from the June issue of Martha Stewart Living.  They're called Gemini and were very refreshing on a night when I kept telling people I was "dewy, not sweaty."  It was one of our very few muggy nights all year.

IMG_5393 And did you get a load of those cupcakes?  I am so glad that Catherine has been bitten by the cupcake baking bug this summer.  Callum and I thought about them all day.  Those little baby ones especially.  Perfectly sized.  And strawberry icing.

IMG_5391 Hmmmm.  We take our ice cream eating very seriously around here too.  Protective headgear and everything.

IMG_5377 We lingered late into the evening listening to old Jackson Five on the outdoor speakers.  Lovely summer night.  I hope you had a great birthday, Nurse Rebecca.  Many happy returns of the day.