I still like meat

IMG_5419 We don't eat a ton of meat. Much to my son's despair, that is.  But don't get me wrong.  My family likes a good steak or burger.  And don't forget bacon.  Still, we try to be mindful about things in our own haphazard way, and I was tooling around on the internets one day and stumbled across this site.  So Meat Free Monday it is.  I like nothing more than a little structure in my life.

It's taking a bit to get our sea legs under us. (Which means, I kept forgetting for a couple of weeks there)  And after weeks of yogurt and toast for breakfast, Callum asked for bacon yesterday and I had the plate in front of him before I remembered.  But!  After those six pieces were were golden.  And Neel and I carried the banner for the family. 

It's so easy to go meat free in the summer.  This quick, off-the-cuff pasta dish is brimming with fresh veggies.  Mushrooms, zucchini and squash, quickly sauteed in a bit of olive oil, then reduced with a bit of sherry and bound together with a splash of cream.  We tossed some parm in there and we were off.

All it needs is a bit of bacon.