IMG_2824  Hydrangeas are quite possibly my favorite bush, and Neel knows how passionate I feel about them.  I love how blowsy and brash they are.  Hands on hips and bold, hydrangeas put it all out there.  We have a row of them along our shed.  One quite established, the others young upstarts.  It drives Neel crazy that the dogs tear in and out among them, paying no heed to his delicate babies.  We stopped by the hardware store on the way home from lacrosse last week to find some sort of fencing to wrap around this little bed.  (Neel was mad enough at those dogs that I think caution tape would have made him happy.)  We found some basic coated metal that almost disappears into the dense greenery.  Just what Mr. Gardener was looking for.  Tick.  One thing off the list.