details, before the big picture

IMG_2816 I know I keep dropping these (tantalizing? probably not) nuggets about our kitchen plans here on the blog, but except in my head which is fair to exploding, not much is going on.  We're painting, and I've started in on our long-neglected trim work.  Callum watched me gather my supplies and asked, "What are you going to paint?"  I showed him the trim along one wall, and had him turn around to a wall of French doors surrounded by dingy white trim work.  "You're going to paint ALL THAT?"

When I told him this was just the beginning, that we'd move through the whole house, he was even more surprised.  "Even UPSTAIRS?!"  I don't blame him for the horror in his voice.  People, we have dentil molding to get through.  Neel can do that part.

I was reminded of the bridge from San Diego proper over to Coronado.   The year-long maintenance on that bridge included painting.  Once they made it from one end to the other, the end where the painters began had already started peeling, so they started all over again.

IMG_2817 Why do I have a feeling that that's what I'm in for.