princess for a day

IMG_2692 Last week was my birthday, and much like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I ate my way through the day.  It started at our Volunteer Breakfast at school where I tagged along to take pictures and was serenaded by the most beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday I've heard in some time.  (I highly recommend getting professionals to sing for you on your birthday, next chance you get.)  That meal was the zucchini quiche, and I forced myself not to go after a second piece.

IMG_2672 After that, can you tell?  Lunch at PF Changs, of course, with some dear girlfriends.

IMG_2675 Hello, lettuce wraps.

IMG_2676 Good-bye, lettuce wraps.  Although lunch at PF Changs was weird because it took forever, and our server wasn't great, but it really seemed a kitchen thing, the reason we were there so long (two hours).  The manager came and apologized and said he'd take something off the check, but then he didn't so my friend Tracy asked very nicely, and he comped us the whole meal.  I told everybody that it was as if my birthday was my little gift to them.  Free lunch.

We were supposed to fix a nice dinner that night after lacrosse practice, but after a two hour lunch, I just couldn't face another meal, so Callum and Neel ate my leftovers for dinner and after lacrosse we came home to this:

IMG_2679 Cupcake Heaven!  Catherine made these, aren't they amazing?  I was just speechless.  I still am.

IMG_2685 So we all tromped across the street to where everybody was waiting, and Jean with Champagne Punch, and another singing of the Happy Birthday, and I felt so warm and cherished and just they way you should feel on your birthday.

IMG_2693 My Champagne Punch.

IMG_2696 Finally all those cupcakes came out and the kids just couldn't believe it, and the grown-ups couldn't quite either.  Each of those little ones is like a bit of sushi, two perfect bites. 

IMG_2701 We loved it all so much that we did the same thing all over again on Friday night, right down to the punch.  And then, well it was time for the Sunday dinner, so we did it all again but by then we'd moved onto a new dessert.  Can't imagine a better birthday.  Don't even want to try.