wild mountain thyme (time)

summer time is coming  
and the trees are sweetly blooming
and the wild mountain thyme
grows around the purple heather

That's how our weekend was this past weekend.   Trees sweetly blooming and that feeling that summer time was finally coming.

IMG_2555 We started Saturday with lacrosse.  I'd missed the last game, so it was a great treat for me to sit in the sun and watch these boys.  That's Callum on the left, making a shot on goal.  One of them will make it in one of these days.

IMG_2561 Here he is looking over the shoulder of the statistician, checking on his ground balls.

IMG_2572  We're starting a little project on the little gray house (note the fridge in the middle of the room), and I know I've promised to talk about it.  I will.  My head is full to bursting. 

IMG_2603 Callum's such a help.  At one point he walked in and said, very accusingly, "Mama, Papa's painting!"  Neel's not allowed to paint.

IMG_2574 All weekend, men cooked for me.  That's our neighbor David. He got a yen to grill some steaks and told his wife Diana to figure out someone to ask over.

IMG_2576 We got lucky.  This family is another reason why Callum has no problem being an only child.  Their oldest is on his lacrosse team and has been a great mentor and friend to our boy.  Next down in their pack is one of Callum's good buds on the block.  He's been absorbed in the loveliest way.  It was fun to sit in their kitchen and watch him run in and out with the pack.  These guys are moving this summer, and we're all heartbroken.

IMG_2596 We ate outside, grilled veggies, a wonderful cucumber salad and garlic mashed potatoes to go with our lovely grilled steaks.  David even asked (worried) if we had a problem with garlic.  After dinner the kids played more lacrosse, and we sat around the fire pit and ate dark chocolate and drank port.  By then I was too warm with wine and friendship to pick up my camera.  Summer time is coming.