and garden

IMG_7917 It was the garden that really got us though. 

IMG_8123 Roughly three acres, directly across the street from a world-famous botanical garden.  I guess that means you'd feel as if you'd have some "keeping up of standards" to do.  It really showed off for us too.  Look at that splash of red at the top of the photo. Breathtaking color.  We're not that far into fall down here.

IMG_8102 And a creek!  What memories of this creek Neel and his brother have from growing up.  It's the thin line midway through that first photo and crosses the property.



IMG_8099 This pergola had Neel in fits of both inspiration and envy.



IMG_8094 It was where house met garden that we were inspired the most.  These were the images that had us standing in our own backyard in an early November drip, drip chewing on our lips and wondering, "what next" with our blank slate of a back yard.  Deconstruction, then construction was about as far as we got. 


IMG_8131 Too bad we can't put in a creek.  I'm starting to think every kid needs a creek.