IMG_8121 When I was a little girl, my mom had glossy issues of House & Garden magazine floating around our home.  Stacked on the coffee table or in baskets in the bathroom.  It was a beautiful magazine (does it still exist?), but much like Vogue, which also floated around our house and was full of gorgeous pages of things I'd never wear, the homes in H&G never felt like ones I'd ever live in.  I guess I'm more a Better Homes & Gardens kind of gal

IMG_8106 The house we visited last weekend was definitely a House & Garden kind of house. Neel's aunt and uncle have lived there for thirty-five years.  His uncle saw the outside and liked the location (it was equidistant from three hospitals where he worked as an ENT doctor), and he bought the house!  They hadn't even seen the inside.  As his aunt says, it's basically a brick ranch and she tried to work with that. What she did was make it something special.  



IMG_7909 She has the kind of timeless good taste that never goes out of style.

IMG_8087 This was my favorite room almost twenty years ago, and it still is today.  These two love to travel and that love is reflected in their surroundings.  The whole effect is one of elegance, luxury and comfort.  

IMG_8083 This is the room where we watched the deer.  I'd have trouble concentrating with that amazing view. For those of you keeping score at home, note the expanse of white windows.


IMG_7913 You'd think a ten year old boy would find it tricky to navigate a home with so many lovely things in it, but Callum managed just fine.  Especially when he made it outside, but more on that during the garden portion of our tour.

IMG_7948 Although perhaps he did a little editorializing.  To his mind, no decor is complete without the addition of a fighter jet.