hounds about town

IMG_8286 On gorgeous fall Sundays, we all spend a lot of time outside.

IMG_8281 Every time one of us steps outside, they feel the need to put on a show.

IMG_8293 Let's face it, they do it all the time, anyway.



IMG_8297 Thea looks like she's laughing her dang fool head off.

IMG_8290 Violet's a lover, not a fighter.

IMG_8306 Break's over.  We joke that Violet is the hardest working dog in show business.  She takes her duties very seriously and clearly feels more comfortable controlling the perimeter than cavorting with those other two bozos.

IMG_8307 Thea's ready to rest, however.

IMG_8309 Violet, listen to your mother.

IMG_8310 But Lucy's a restless soul.


IMG_8313 D.O.D. Dogs on Duty.  The trick is to make it look like you're resting.


IMG_8324 Lucy and Thea cave pretty sharpish.  Violet has everything under control.