yard envy


We had dinner a few nights ago with another couple in the hood (SOBO expands its borders!), and as soon as I set foot, I was consumed with yard envy.


Follow the mulch path...


...past the corn hole...


And there you are!


Seriously folks, it's my dream yard.  Of course, our back yard looks nothing like this, but that's why you have a dream yard.  Neel spent Sunday morning putting in some phlox in the front yard and replanting the pots on the front porch, just as contented as a robin in newly-turned earth.  And I thought, thank god.  Thank god he loves to do this so much.  I want it to look nice.  I want to be out and enjoying our beautiful yard, but the doing of it, the making it so, is just not my thing.  Neel just got started on the back when we had to clean up and head out, and our back yard has a long way to go.  That means I must enjoy others while I wait.


Oh the bliss of this perfectly situated swing. The envy is kicking in pretty hard here...




Oh!  There were people there too.  Old friends and new.  The kids played soccer and metal detector.


And ball.


We ate some.  Perfect cookout food.  Grilled chicken and Dorito salad and Planter's Punch.  The sun went down and we talked and talked.  Kids climbed into laps to curl up and get cozy, and music wafted on the smoke of a cigar. 


Spring evenings are here and summer is coming.