macrology: (01/30): bag


What the heck was I thinking when I e-mailed this photo to my work computer?  Honestly, I really thought that I'd have a few minutes to write a quick blog post and get started on a little project I'm planning on working on this month.  But, oh dear.  It was field day and the sun was shining and a sweet breeze was blowing and everyone was outside playing all day long...And then when I was at my computer there were proofs to approve, e-mails and letters to write and other letters to edit.  Sometimes my fingers just get typed out.

So it's been a year here in the blue rain room, and I am so grateful for what the past year has given me.  One of my favorite things about having the blog is the way it's caused me to look at my life through the lens of my camera and how I connect those pictures of my life with words.  I am no photographer, but slowly I'm figuring my camera out, and I hope to take better and better pictures and capture better and better moments.


Did any of you guys see this?  orangeflower started it, and yes, I know it's not April anymore.  I also know that we're already a couple of days into May, but I want to do it too.  Of course, I love structure, but I can't stand rules, so I'm making up my own game.  For the next few weeks, you know most of May, I'm going to work on my own thirty photo challenge.  I want to spend some time refining my craft here and spend a few weeks celebrating one of my favorite parts of blogging.  My rules are this:  thirty photos between now, and say, the end of the school year (June 6, 2008).  It doesn't need to be every day (can you see how much flexibility I like in my structured projects?), but hey, I'm trying to accomplish something here, so it should be most days.

That means, starting today, for the next little bit, we're on macros.  And we still might throw in a blog overhaul or two!