marky: UPDATED


See that bozo on the far right?  That's my friend Mark and today is his birthday.  He doesn't look a day over twenty-three.  Actually, as you can see, that photo was taken in 1996, and he still doesn't look a day over twenty-three.  On the left is Mark's partner Fred (also showing youthful vigor), and in the middle is the other Mark, also known as Curve.  Are you out there Curve?

These are three of my favorite people in all the world.  We did a lot of growing up together and now we have jobs and kids and all sorts of crazy things like life insurance.

Marky, what I wouldn't give to be living down the street from you again (especially now that you've gotten so good at remodeling kitchens).  Happy Birthday, dear friend.  Go tap that box and have a great big glass of wine on me.


Oh, good...Now that's a happy birthday!