making do

Sometimes, when I'm stuck for something to write about, I'll browse through my Lightroom catalog until a photo strikes me. Maybe I'll remember a story about it. Maybe it'll inspire a thought I want to share.

After doing some other work yesterday, I spent the afternoon sorting through photos. Halfhearted, at best. It's cold and gray here again. Someone in my Facebook feed said, "Spring is slow to creep in." It's been a two steps back process since March, it seems. One sunny day, two cold and windy. One promise of warmth, two more gray.

There's no story to go with this photo really, except maybe that Florida sunshine heralds the promise of summer's warmth. It's been another make-do week around here. More health struggles with real pain and no real resolve. But I've also had some real and truly insightful and uplifting conversations with some of my film photography companions that apply to all creatives. All of us who simply live our lives, really. I'd like to share some pieces here, but I'll need to get my thoughts together, and frankly, I'm tired. Wednesday was the first day in a week I managed to not need a nap (thank god I work at home!), and the first day I manged to fairly quickly get rid of the daily morning headache that's been dodging me (thank god also for small mercies!). So things are looking up, right?

I can only hope. See you lovelies next week. Thanks for hanging in with me. XO