making do

Sometimes, when I'm stuck for something to write about, I'll browse through my Lightroom catalog until a photo strikes me. Maybe I'll remember a story about it. Maybe it'll inspire a thought I want to share.

After doing some other work yesterday, I spent the afternoon sorting through photos. Halfhearted, at best. It's cold and gray here again. Someone in my Facebook feed said, "Spring is slow to creep in." It's been a two steps back process since March, it seems. One sunny day, two cold and windy. One promise of warmth, two more gray.

There's no story to go with this photo really, except maybe that Florida sunshine heralds the promise of summer's warmth. It's been another make-do week around here. More health struggles with real pain and no real resolve. But I've also had some real and truly insightful and uplifting conversations with some of my film photography companions that apply to all creatives. All of us who simply live our lives, really. I'd like to share some pieces here, but I'll need to get my thoughts together, and frankly, I'm tired. Wednesday was the first day in a week I managed to not need a nap (thank god I work at home!), and the first day I manged to fairly quickly get rid of the daily morning headache that's been dodging me (thank god also for small mercies!). So things are looking up, right?

I can only hope. See you lovelies next week. Thanks for hanging in with me. XO

slow down

Wow. That week went fast, didn't it? I'm not sure what I have to show for it. Finished up my classes. Sat through some chilly baseball games (including a double header that featured SNOW showers. seriously). Fretted over my health.

After my last class on Thursday, I headed to the doctor for treatment for what is, I think, my 4th or 5th sinus infection in the last year. When I woke up on Saturday even more congested than ever (and with Neel stuffed up too), we decided that we needed to dig deeper (before seasonal allergies kick in any day now. We've made some changes in the house and have had some repairs done this past week. All-new bedding is here and an air purifier is on the list. I'm, quite frankly, tired of living like that. I think my family might be tired of me too.

One bright light is the on-line film class I'm currently taking. I'm in hip-deep and totally overwhelmed, but loving immersing myself in something that brings me so much joy... even during the frustrating times. These photos here today are from my first black and white shots ever (not counting when I was 14!), and despite the fact that I thought I'd done them all wrong, I have to say, I'm pretty pleased! I don't see in black and white necessarily, so simply doing this work was a real leap for me. I was rewarded more than I'd anticipated, and I'll definitely try more.

It's spring and fresh winds are blowing. Perhaps no other season ushers in that feeling of change like spring. I feel at a crossroads here at SPL and I truly do not know where the path will lead me. I don't know if I'm ready to leave this space, and I do feel like I have more to say, but I wonder, is my heart really here anymore? Is it time for something different and new? I'm not interested in fading away, so I think I'll give myself some structured time to think about it. For the rest of the month, I'll be here Tuesdays and Thursdays, talking a little about film and a little about life. If I still haven't figured it out, much like the Iran Nuclear Deal, we'll go past the deadline (wink) until I do decide what's in store for me.

Thanks for hanging in, my friends.

All of these images were shot on Kodak 400 T-Max. My only editing was to the shot of Neel holding the rake to increase the contrast a bit, and I've already learned how to handle that situation next time.