these days {life}

Sometimes the internet is such a cool place. And I know, sometimes it's creepy and overwhelming and addicting, but I've been trying to concentrate on gratitude lately, so let's stick with cool, shall we?

Remember that photo walk I took with my Lensbaby awhile back? We took that walk as a group of women who'd never met before (when are we doing it again, by the way?!), and instantly felt connected by our shared love of our cameras. We connected on Facebook and Instagram, and I feel so lucky to have their pictures continue to pop up in my feeds. So one of those women mentioned recently that she'd been tagged in a "My Everyday" challenge. Shoot your everyday for five days and post the photos to Facebook. She asked me to join along, and it was just the thing I needed! 

Shooting my everyday moments are why I got the Fuji in the first place, and this challenge was just the thing I needed to slow down and pay attention. Face it, my days are pretty boring. I work alone, at home, with nothing but the dogs to keep me company until time to grab Cal from school. But this challenge made me stop and pay attention. It's the details that matter, right? A lunch. The way the dogs stare me down even after my food is gone. Homework time. A walk to my river. And that picture of Cal at the end of the hall? How many times have I seen just that view? Cal, digging in the closet for baseballs before he and Neel go out to throw. Without this challenge to focus my eye, I'm not sure I'd have ever thought to capture a moment that is so infused with what makes up our life right now.

Have you tried it? An everyday challenge? Some people shoot "A Day in the Life," and my friend Michele (who originally challenged me) is picking a theme each day (Her most recent was a series of photos of her son getting a haircut, and it was amazing!). Go on! You can do it! Stop and look around. Slow down. It's the details, the tiny insignificant moments that matter.

If you do decide to do an everyday challenge, please let me know. I'd love to know what you're up to, everyday.