early spring photo walk {life}

I'm the first to admit, I'm not the best photo-walker. Maybe it's the pressure. I don't know. It's hard enough to get me out of the studio, but walking around looking for random things to photograph? Not feeling so great at that.

But it's my year of pushing my photography boundaries (did I tell you that?), so when I had the chance to meet with a new group of women photographers, I had to leap on it. Photo walk: not optional. I had to leap on that too.

We met for coffee first, and getting to know these amazing photographers was, for me, almost the best part. We all bring different perspectives and fresh ideas, and simply sharing stories and information is energizing and inspiring to me. We got along famously from the start, so much so that when we did get to walking there was more talking than photo taking. 

I wanted to give myself some limitations and some structure, so I only brought the Lensbaby. I like the challenge of one lens, and I haven't had the LB on my camera in a long time. One woman in our group is a beast with the LB, so it could have been intimidating to try to fiddle with that little lens, but mostly I just tried to chill and have some fun. That's what it's all about, right?

Looking back, it's kind of amazing how much further we are along in our spring these days (I'm lame, aren't I? It's taken me forever to post. And edit. And download.) But you know what? This was a good day. I do love taking photos of architecture, and I especially love testing the waters with a new group of people. I think I got lucky this time. Can't wait till we get out there again.