supper club, june 2014 edition {life}


We break up our Supper Club over the summer and don't meet. One couple heads out of town and everyone is just so busy. Can't manage it. Our one last hurrah before vacations hit was brilliant. The theme? Howard Johnsons. Remember those? Ah, the Tender Sweet Fried Clams. The Aussie member of our crew was stumped (she brought homemade ice cream and then someone else brought fixings for sundaes), but everyone else waxed nostalgic. Chef's salad, BLTs, steak. It was pretty awesome. Also awesome? Sitting outside before it got muggy and buggy and enjoying this spectacular view.

We're getting ready to start again now that fall is here, but I think the ladies of the club might claim privilege and head out to a restaurant first. We can do that, you know.