supper club, march 2014 {life}

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This was not the supper club for me to be off my game. However, migraine season seems to be here. However. I was not going to miss our evening together. Not. Our friends Artemis and Pete hosted and the theme? Perfect. Roaring Twenties. We all made food that fit the time (from fried chicken to shrimp cocktail) but the real showcase was Artemis and Peter's home and the all the amazing attention Artemis paid to each and every detail. She had signature cocktails, she had timely movies playing (Buster Keaton), she had framed photos of movie stars and signature fonts to label all the food. When we left, there were goodie bags of candy common to the time (much still popular today!).

I was not the best guest or documenter, unfortunately. Finally pain-free, I was still hindered by my troublesome day. I did manage to get some shots of all the glorious food and did manage to go back for seconds (!). There were Belgian Endive spears with goat cheese and salmon, and Ceasar salad bites. Shrimp cocktail and stuffed mushrooms. Pistachio cheesecakes and red velvet cake for dessert. Eating that night was pretty much the bomb.

We all commented that it was our best Supper Club to date. We kind of have it down now. We've all grown more comfortable with each other and the conversation flows easily and freely. Artemis and Peter were amazing hosts, and their stunning Victorian home was a gorgeous backdrop for this period-themed evening.

I think we're hoping to get one more dinner in before summer vacation hits and we all scatter. I won't betray the theme, but I already know what I'm going to make. I can't wait!

supper club, may 2013 {life}

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You know you're behind when you husband says, "You haven't blogged our Supper Club yet? You're really behind." 

Thanks, Neel.  

I'm not sure what took me so long, because this felt like our best supper club yet, and it was totally worth writing about right away. Julie hosted and chose a Mad Men theme, which meant our charge was to make updated versions of 60s inspired food. Now that was a fun challenge. Some of us even dressed for the occasion!  

The Menu
Tidewater Tinis and assorted cocktails
Cheese Ball and crackers
Deviled Eggs
Pigs in a Blanket
Chopped peas and carrots (not canned!)
Cauliflower gratin
Iceberg wedge with blue cheese
Virginia ham and sweet potato biscuits
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Cake

Hosted by

Artemis and her sons
Catherine and Michael
Tracy and Mark
Neel and Lauren

I'm not sure what made this SC so good. Part of if was surely Julie's hosting and excellent theme, but we're also getting the hang of it, I think. Next supper club, at Artemis and Peter's sometime in the fall!