speech day {still + life}

Holy breakfast-gate, batman. I gotta say, I wasn't expecting the reaction I got, coming from so many directions, over the fact that I make Callum's breakfast on school days. I had a whole...thing... written out in response, but quite honestly, today there are more important things to talk about.

It's 9th Grade Speech Day! I mentioned this way back in May, and it's finally here. There are two big speeches during a student's career at Cal's school, the 9th Grade Speech and the 12th Grade Speech. It's a huge milestone really, and all the kids anticipate their speech from pretty much the 6th grade on. Cal has been working hard for months. He's had deadlines to meet throughout the summer, he's researched his topic, he interviewed a police detective, and he met with his adviser sever times at our house over the summer to discuss the topic and go over drafts. Since school started, they've met every day to practice. It's seven and a half minutes long and his voice is a strong as his argument.

Since we don't have any family here, we've assembled a posse of friends to come and watch, his own fan club and cheering section, and we'll all be there, lined up in the back row at 8AM. He's volunteered to be first, to kick off the school year, and his dad and I couldn't be prouder. He's actually pretty stellar, this kid.

We'll be taking him out for breakfast afterward.