Weekend Recap, June2

Row 1 : graduation day | study break | sad saturday;  Row 2 : game night | sunday in the garden | cake;  Row 3 : supper club view | spring evening

Row 1: graduation day | study break | sad saturday; Row 2: game night | sunday in the garden | cake; Row 3: supper club view | spring evening

Well all I have to show for our weekend of Latin exams (3 hours long, thank you very much), baseball losses and gorgeous scenery is a killer migraine this morning. And I didn't even take the Latin exam! Sometimes these crystal clear, low-humidity days are the worst for me. Cal is elbow deep in science as I write this, and I really hate exams. We came home from Supper Club last night, and he said, "I just can't bring myself to study any more." Oh honey. I get it. Trying to focus on these last, gloriously beautiful days of school is HARD.

Over the weekend our city lost one of its police officers in the line of duty. We're a small enough town that these things are keenly felt. Also killed in this rampage was a 17 year old boy, on his way home from watching his friends graduate from high school. He was just driving his car when the suspect, who was shooting randomly from his own car, shot and killed him. There's a definite pall over the city right now, and every one feels touched and humbled by the news. I was glad to see the flags at half-staff at Cal's ball game. Sad days, indeed.

We spent Sunday evening along the river at our supper club. It was glorious! Just a wonderful, fun evening with people who have become friends. And the theme? Well, I'll tell you all about it, but it was awesome! My American friends will get it immediately. Other than that, there might be some explaining to do!