five things, may 30

1. I think this last big push at the end of the school year is HARD. Kids are already worn out. Parents are already worn out. And then exams. Cal has history behind him, English today, and he's taking his Latin exam tomorrow. Yikes! After that, science and math and we're home free. Summer here we come.

2. I think what's nice about exam time is driving three smart boys home and listening them compare how hard their exams were and what they wrote their essays on. Which society had more influence and historical significance, the Greeks or Romans? (for the 8th graders) Analyze how immigration changed in the US after World War II using 12 selected speeches and photos as examples. (for the 10th grader) Color me impressed.

3. I think I actually haven't given much thought to summer, and that's bad. Somewhere I saw a hashtag about #92daysofsummer, and while intriguing, I can't remember what it's about. I always have such great, grand plans for us (and I've listed them here in the past), but this year I might just go with the flow. How has that worked out for anybody?

4. I think that many of us, aside from being united by so many other things (I mean, we read each other's blogs every day, right?), are united in our disdain of the humble green pepper. This was something I have always been hesitant to admit until I saw Nigella Lawson on the Today Show many years ago. She mentioned that she didn't like green pepper, and Katie Couric quickly concurred. She didn't like green peppers either. Nigella then said, "They're really just unripe peppers," and suddenly I was okay. Everything was okay.

5. I think this photo is one of the reasons I love this month's issue of MSL. Berry Biscuit Cobbler, or something like that. It was easy, it was tasty and it's pretty. Met all of my requirements.