his paris kitchen {still + life}

It seems the best birthday presents are when comments that aren't meant as hints are taken as hints. A few weeks back, I linked to a great article about the behind-the-scenes of the shooting of David Lebovit's My Paris Kitchen. For me, it was all about the article and how fascinating it was to read about the making, particularly the photographing, of that cookbook. Was I dropping hints? Not intentionally. But my friend Jackie surprised me on the day after my birthday and my friend Megan was mad that she'd beat me to it!

I'm so glad they heard what I wasn't saying! I tend not to go for regional cookbooks, unless they're Greek (and I'm getting worried that Italy is about to steal my heart, but that's a story for another day), so I really would have bypassed this one, I'm afraid. But My Paris Kitchen is the best kind of cookbook. It's about life in Paris and cooking in Paris, and cooking regional, simple foods that you can enjoy anywhere. If you love Paris, you'll adore it, and if Paris isn't your bag, then the simple satisfying meals are sure to steal your heart.

I texted Jackie right away to tell her how excited I was to try some of the recipes. We'll have to have her for dinner soon. I spent a really satisfying evening on the phone, flipping through the pages and reading the titles of some of the dishes to my friend Megan. Lemon-pistachio Israeli couscous. Ham, blue cheese, and pear quiche. Apricot kernel ice cream. Almond cakes with browned butter.

We made the Caramel pork ribs (pictured above), and while I'm hesitant to share the recipe since the only modification I made was to substitute beef for pork (vegetarians need not apply), I can tell you that it was easy, delicious and satisfying. The glaze on the ribs was one of the best we've ever had.

I'm already flipping through for ideas for our next dish. What should we try next? Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic? Chicken with mustard? Smoky barbeque-style pork? So many options!

Note: My instagram friend Rainydaybites is leading a monthly cookbook club where we cook recipes from different cookbooks each month. This month is My Paris Kitchen! So if you do get a chance to try out this delightful book and you're on Instagram, tag your photos #rainydaybitescookbookclub.